Tuscan Decor Interior Design Ideas, Style And Pictures

Tuscan Interior Design Ideas, Style and Pictures


Tuscan Interior Design Ideas, Style and Pictures – Are you a person who likes warm earth tone colors, rustic Old World Mediterranean style furnishings? Then you will love Tuscan interior design ideas. This decoration style has been linked to Southwestern style architecture and décor. Tuscan style is mostly used in areas such as Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and some parts of Texas.

Tuscan style interiors can be designed and made with the beauty of nature and earthy materials, mixed with and appreciation of all good quality finishes, to create the most luxurious homes. The look is becoming more popular due to the fact it causing the home to look more comfortable in the surrounding, and provide a warm affect. If the design is done well, Tuscan home design captures the essence of the Italian countryside without feeling like it is to much to handle, or theatrical. A rustic tone is added to this look as well most of the time for more of a effortless style. Although surfaces and furnishings are durable enough to withstand the rigors of a farm life, they carry a refined air that would make your home feel more like you are on the country side.

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Tuscan Influences

Best Tuscan Interior Design Ideas, Style And Pictures 2015

Although the Tuscan country side is located in Italy, influences also came from the French and Spanish side. Now they border the Mediterranean Sea just west of Italy. Even there you can find a version of Tuscan style very well done. Tuscan even has influences from the ancient Etruscan culture, and the Renaissance period of the Middle Ages. Some of the natural influences that take part in the Tuscan style are, cypress, olive trees, grapes grown in the many wine vineyards, golden luscious pears, and the wonderful scents and colors of flowering plants, including jasmine, rosemary, and bougainvillea.

Tuscan Color Ideas

Awesome Tuscan Interior Design Ideas, Style And Pictures 2015

The Tuscan color scheme will be very warm and natural, this makes a reference back to the Mediterranean climate of the Tuscan countryside. It starts off with earth-tone, neutral shades such as the brownish-orange of terracotta clay, and the light creamy shade of worn plaster walls. Shades of green represent the tall, magnificent cypress trees that line Tuscan country roads, the vines of grapes, foliage fruit, and lemon tree.

Textured Finishes – Tuscan Interior Design Ideas

Textured Tuscan Interior Design Ideas, Style And Pictures 2015

Instead of using wallpaper, drywall, and other manufactured surfaces that can look to sleek for a Tuscan look, you want to go more along the lines of tradtional materials. Materials being, stucco, plaster, venetian, or other decorative finishes. Mainly though you wanat to keep the colors warm and neutral, such as rich cream, dull yellow, soft gold, and terra-cotta.

Artisanal Accents – Tuscan Interior Design Ideas

Awesome Floor Tuscan Interior Design Ideas, Style And Pictures 2015

The Tuscan style accessories evoke the impression and look of what could be, artisan’s hand, which is the glazed pottery, wrought iron, metalwork, and stone. Although the stly for Tuscan is not cluttered, they are not start either. When choosing accents, you want to go with strong lines and subtle flourishes, in just great enough numbers to radiate warmth and comfort to the room.

Natural Light – Tuscan Interior Design Ideas

Colors Tuscan Interior Design Ideas, Style And Pictures 2015

When you close your eyes, and picture an Italian farmhouse, one of the first things you may envision is sunlight, streaming in through wood-shuttered windows. For this you want to keep your window treatments clean, and restrained, so you can keep the natural illumination. Now if the windows for your home to pull of this look are not possible, another option to go with is to fake it, with soft glowing lamplight instead.

Exposed Beams – Tuscan Interior Design Ideas

Bedroom Tuscan Interior Design Ideas, Style And Pictures 2015

The Tuscan approach to design goal is to find the beauty in the mundane, and one prime example of that us the tradition of wooden ceiling beams, the Tuscan homes. Not only are they pretty much essential to the framework, but they also add their own sense of charm to the room. If you choose to stain them for them to stay around for a while, you want to use a sheer variety that will not obscure the wood grain.

Sun Washed Colors – Tuscan Interior Design Ideas

Tuscan Decor Interior Design Ideas, Style And Pictures

When you are trying to get the big picture of the Tuscan style, you think of the Tuscan landscape, dark cypress trees, rolling fields, and rosy pink sunsets that are setting earth colored houses aglow in the light. These images are the starting point for your palette. When picking out palettes and shades, you want to go for that look as thought they have been wearing down over the passing years. That means you want to leave out the pastels, vivid bright, and sharp black and white.

Floors – Tuscan Interior Design Ideas

Awesome Tuscan Interior Design Ideas, Style And Pictures 2015

The floors of your home, or room should be created from hard finishes of either stone, slate, tile, or dark stained timber. The more natural the better, because natural stone and slate would very in saturated color and deep tones. As for rugs, if you want one, you want to stay along to the lines of, large natural woven ones. It shall give the room a soft, sensual feature next to the hard finishes.

A main part of the Tuscan charm is that the outside floor finish, often continues its run straight inside of the home. At the same time though separated by large French doors, which during the hot months you can keep open and get fresh air. Most of the time Tuscan kitchens and dining areas us the outdoor patios as an extension to their home. Which in that case allows the family to gather, eat, and enjoy their time together.

Tuscan Decor Ideas

When creating the Tuscan look, and adding furniture you want to stick along the lines of, rough iron look. Along with that, Tuscans love metal work. The furniture that you go with should match Tuscan look, but at the same time be both functional and refined. Then when staining wood, make sure it all stays to a dark stain. When out shopping you can look for hand carved detailed furniture for your home, and that may introduce some objects that look great as artwork. For a really good example, old pottery, and antiques would be perfect to add anywhere.

Best Tuscan Interior Design Ideas, Style And Pictures 2015

Do you think your home has Tuscan inspired architectural features? Once you have read and understand the influences, and the design elements of Tuscan it will be more then easy for you to incorporate this look more into your home.

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