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25 Classy and Cheerful Pink Room Decor Ideas


Be honest, when you hear the phrase pink room decor, do you impulsively scoff? For many people, unless you’re discussing a child’s room, the color pink sounds dreadful. It may invoke images of obnoxious ribbons, frills and other types of trimmings that would only be suitable in either the nursery of a newborn baby girl or an old woman with thirty adopted cats. However, contrary to popular belief, pink is actually a very versatile and funky color that packs quite a punch.

When decorating with pink, remember to go easy. Like orange or any other brighter, warmer hue, pink is a bit of a drama queen – it demands to be the center of attention. Even tamer pink shades have a tendency to be all-consuming if displayed in a high quantity. Instead, carefully limit your pink to small blocks or splashes within a pattern.


Another important pink décor rule is to cut it with cooler colors. For example, orange, yellow and pink together as the principle colors of a room are really only suitable for a grade school child. For a more mature look, combine a dark red-pink or magenta with a shade of blue. Navy blue and pink can actually be quite refreshing.

If you’re going to use solid pink for an entire piece of furniture, tone down the rest of the room with neutrals. In other words, if you’ve selecting a salmon pink sofa, stick to white walls. Likewise, if you’re placing in a neon pink coffee table, keep the rest of the palette full of black, gray and white. Again, remember that your pink accent will quickly become the focal point of the room.

Finally, don’t be afraid of pink. This color comes in a variety of shades and does not necessarily have to be associated with feminine-only living spaces. In fact, some of the best designed homes in the world feature a shock of pink somewhere in their design.

Pink Bedroom Decor Ideas

People with flair for the unusual should consider pink for the bedroom. Different shades of pink can be used for coloring walls for your bedroom. Instead of using regular shades of light or dark pink, your pink bedroom decor can flaunt pink with hints of orange and even brown! People around the globe are now experimenting with unusual shades of pink and other color combination’s like brown or white to get that ethereal shade for the bedroom. The main function is to enhance the coziness and warmth that a bedroom is synonymous with.

Choose the best shade of pink, one that appeals to you, to make a style statement and to add to your bedroom ambiance. What you really need to spend time on is choosing furniture and fixtures to go with pink and suit your modern style of living to the hilt. While considering style, also make sure that the cost of painting suits your budget. It makes no sense incurring very high costs and then regretting the makeover for the wrong reasons later. Another important thing to keep in mind is to work on space. Do not overcrowd this nest of yours. Overdoing with furniture will make the room look very smaller and crammed up.


You need to be comfortable with the right accessories as well as furniture you place in the bedroom. Once you have the desired furniture in variations of pink or a contrasting color combo, that offers the room fashion that is timeless, you are never going to be tired in such a bedroom. A bed in white in the Victorian style can be a perfect choice for your pink bedroom. Make sure you have lampshades that are tall and side tables that are stylish to set the scene of your choice. Add some warmth and richness to the bedroom using a nice blanket made from fleece and a counterpane which is well embroidered.


Get the walls painted in different hues for an enhanced pink bedroom decor. Walls painted in this color give the room a larger and wider appearance which is always a good thing, especially if the bedroom is not too big. Upholstery in brown and variations of pink or other contrasting colors add richness to the decor. Another great addition is a white table and chair in the bedroom in case you work late at night. With the right kind of color combination and accessories you can enjoy a harmonious pink bedroom for life.

Pink Living Room Decor Ideas

Pink is a color that is perpetually associated with femininity, much like blue tends to become the color of all things masculine in the world of interior design. Some believe that this stereotyping is just one big marketing gimmick, others point to growing scientific evidence that says women are naturally programmed to love redder shades of blue while men love those in the green-blue spectrum. No matter which approach you take to the issue, pink is generally linked with all things delicate and wonderful. But it is not just a color for the feminine bedroom or girls’ nursery, as we take a look today at 20 fabulous pink living rooms.

While pink is not neutral in any sense of the word, it has tremendous versatility when it comes to combining with other colors ranging from blue and green to red and yellow. The countless shades of pink also make this a lot easier and allow you to use it in living rooms of varied styles and themes. Perpetually popular but often relegated to bedrooms, it is time to bring pink into the living room.

From shades of pink that gravitate more towards the purple end of the color spectrum to those that are light enough to blend in with some yellowish hues, pink comes in so many different versions that it leaves you spellbound. While the popular packaging in media is all about shades that are close to one single hue, explore the many different options carefully before you settle on one. The likes of Coral crush and pastel pink can replace white in the living and create a backdrop that is sufficiently neutral and yet engaging and glamorous. Hotter hues like Pink Corsage are best used in moderation with a dash of class!

Pink Kitchen Decor Ideas

The pink colors have a special charm, especially the pink color in home decor it is a quiet and fluffy color and adds elegance and beauty of the place. Pink colors suitable for every room in the home such as kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms. It is ideal for living rooms where natural light that reflects the beauty and brilliance of the colors and give a dreamy atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity. Today we show you nice pink kitchen decorations ideas mixed with other pastel colors in kitchen design for more beautifully and stylish look according to decoration trends of 2016.


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