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How to Avoid Renovation Mistakes


To prevent your renovation from becoming a common renovation mistakes experience, here’s what you need to know before you get started ‘How to Avoid Renovation Mistakes’. 

Decorate your new home or repair or redecorating a home can be a very difficult job if you do not know what must to do. Indeed the work could be easier if you hire the services of a contractor or professional interior design services. But remember, how much money you can save if you do it by yourself. The following are some common renovation mistakes when repairing a home on a budget.

Common Home Repairing Mistakes

Using Poor-Quality Goods

Sometimes we ignoring the quality of the materials we buy with the purpose frugality. But it was otherwise make greater spending. Select the item for a little more expensive. Of course, the price represents the quality isn’t it?

Being Too Stylish

Sometimes we want to design our homes to always look up to date with following the latest home design. But remember, how long design you choose can persist? Because something labeled trendy, normally popular only for a short period only.

Not Use Ecofriendly Material

Use ecofriendly materials can save more money in renovating the house in the future. Although now seems need a lot of cost in front but it’s good for your investment in the future. Ecofriendly material is resource efficient, energy saving, and can help provide cleaner air.

Using Incorrect Type Of Paint

There are a lot of paint that can be used for almost any surface, either for indoor or outdoor. But using incorrect paint as room paint to paint outdoors can make a paint damaged quickly. Use the right paint for each surface and place, whether paint for indoors or outdoors.

Do Not Know What You Want

This is the worst thing! Do not know what you want. Even if you hire a professional services to complete your job, but if you do not know what you want, the job will never be finished. Important to know what you want so you can get the expected results quickly.

Not Updating Electricity System

Sometimes we forget to fix the electricity system because it was hidden. Do not forget to repair the electrical system of your home, especially to replace the old cable and replace the existing outlets. Before consult with an electrician to fix it.

Forgetting Permission

Do not forget to ask for permission if will do home renovations. Expansion project living room, bedroom additions would require a permit. Such as asking permission to neighbors because it will cause noise and permit changes to the building official institutions. Do not forget also to security issues.

Forget About Lighting

Enough lighting in the room could provide great effect to the occupants. Just imagine if you live in darkness, what do you feel? Source of good lighting is natural, because besides saving energy, it is good for our health.

To avoid remodeling and renovation mistakes like those mentioned, you should plan everything well in advance. We often hear, in the end we use the professional services to fix our mistakes, so that adds to your expenses. Of course this can make you stress increase.

How to Avoid Renovation Mistakes French Kitchen

As we know, renovate the house is one way to add value to your home. If you want to use professional services to renovate the house, please be more careful if they give you an offer that is too good to be true. The following are some tips for you to avoid errors in renovating homes.

Doing Research

Before deciding to use the services of a professional, you should perform a due diligent first. Contact 3 or 4 potential contractors who will work on your home renovations. You can ask a few things to them such as how long they did this job, what project has been done. How they communicate can also be your consideration in choosing to use their services or not. Besides of course you have to consider the price and the quality of work they offer.

Write And Write

Make sure you record all of the important information such as how much it cost, what is gained, what if there is damage, how long it will take. Make sure the contractor has full permission to do the job to renovate your home.

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