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Feng Shui Living Room Tips, How To Add 5 Elements In Your Living Room


Feng Shui Living Room Tips, How To Add 5 Elements In Your Living Room - You will learn some Feng Shui living room tips in this article. As you already know that Feng Shui is considered to be the art and science of an ancient Chinese. It has been developed for more than three thousand years. If you believe in this art, then it is said that you should try to include all the five elements and their colors into your life. Then, your life will be better. However, if you don’t know where to start, then these Feng Shui living room tips in this article might be useful for you.

Living Room Feng Shui Picture Ideas

Earth: You can add this Feng Shui element in your living room by painting the wall using the colors of earth, such as, light brown or light yellow. In addition, you may also add this element by decorating the room with plants or fresh flowers as well.

Fire: This Feng Shui living room tip may not be easy and should be carefully proceeded. You can add fire element in the room by building a fireplace. Candles can be used also but you need to be very careful when using them. However, if you can’t build a fireplace and you don’t want to use candles, don’t worry because you have a second option. You can use the colors of fire to the room instead, such as, red, pink, orange, or strong yellow.

Feng Shui Living Room Tips

Metal: You can add metal element to the room by using white and gray colors. In addition, metal floating shelves can be built and silver candlesticks should be added in the room as well.

Feng Shui Living Room Layout

Water: This Feng Shui living room tip is considered to be easy. You may use black and blue colors in the room since these are the colors of water. Besides, a small fountain should be placed in the room also. However, it is very important that you need to make sure that the water in the room is always moving.

Feng Shui Living Room Furniture Placement

Wood: This Feng Shui living room tip is also easy as well. You can paint your living room with green and brown colors since these are considered to be the colors of wood. Wooden tables and chairs should be added in order to provide more of this element in the room.

Feng Shui Living Room Colors

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