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Feng Shui Living Room, Secrets to a Happy Home


Feng Shui Living Room, Secrets to a Happy Home – Your feng shui living room needs to be a warm, welcoming and happy place in which to entertain and for your family to gather together. Whatever style of Feng Shui décor you choose, whether it be formal, casual, traditional or contemporary, your living room affects your friendships, family relationships and your success.

The feng shui living room is the most public part of your home, It is the liveliest room so the qi needs to flow in a lively fashion. It is a yang room so take care to add touches of yin softness such as scatter cushions, and also coolness, like leafy, green plants. The best orientation is the one that captures the most sun. It should face towards the south (In the southern hemisphere it should be face north). For an early rising family it should have a easterly aspect and a westerly aspect for one that likes to stay up late.

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If your living room doesn’t have the ideal orientation, you can adjust the feng shui by other means. Bright, cheerful colors will make it livelier. A tropical fish tank will add a restful focal point while the movement of the colorful fish will help to stimulate qi.

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The shape and size of the furniture in your feng shui living room should reflect the dimensions and the shape of the room. If your pieces of furniture are too large the flow of qi will be disrupted causing you to feel uncomfortable. If you have a square shaped room, use a square, round or octagonal table. If the room is rectangular use a rectangular table.

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How you place your furniture will have a huge affect on how well on how well your feng shui living room works. Where possible, place furniture against the four walls. Avoid placing chairs in a position that puts the persons back to a full-length window or door as it gives the feeling of insecurity. Chairs should be placed to encourage a free flow of movement for people and qi, as well as for conversation. Take care not to place chairs between two opposite openings. The qi generated by members of your family passing through will interfere with your conversation and you will lose concentration and probably your temper. You can put them to the side of the qi channel, encouraging a flow of qi rather than disrupting it.

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Sitting face to face can be confronting so place the chairs at a slight angle. A shared table between the chairs helps to break down the barriers between people. Don’t place chairs under exposed beams because anyone seated beneath will find it oppressive. If it is unavoidable, hang a pair of bamboo flutes or the like from the beam.

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Apply these simple feng shui principles and you can ensure that you will live the tranquil, serene life in your feng shui living room.

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