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Famous Amazing Glass Mosaic TilesGlass mosaic tiles are one of the most artistic tiles. You know why? Due to the manufacturing of mosaic emphasizes that it feels as if made with a vengeance, they are in the stacking of small pieces that will form something amazing. Whether it plain or with a certain color and painting, but the mosaic is one that you can enter in the list of tiles that should you consider to be in your house.

You may be asked if they are so artistic, so where you can see any famous mosaic that you could possibly make in your floor or wall that makes them also have a high value. Glass mosaic tiles for your home you may be able to take the foundation of the work of painter Marc Chagal gold that can unify small pieces painting becomes as if it is a painting that is in the painting using a brush and paint. The essence of this style is the same as painting Pointillism where you will unite small dots (in this case the glass tiles) into an image or motif that looks together and clear so sometimes you will also wonder whether they really you unite one by one and not your images directly.

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Glass mosaic tiles you can usually see them in Byzantine building. If you are looking for a bit more about the Byzantine then you will find that it is always wearing a brick as the main material for the walls and on the inside of the room will be covered with marble or mosaic tiles with motifs depicting their teachings. Very famous Byzantine building is Haggai Sophia Church which was built during the reign of the first emperor of Constantinople, but was slightly damaged by fire and destroyed by the emperor intends Justinian. Magnificent church and the church center for Orthodox Christians in the past were so beautiful with colorful mosaic tiles and symbolize luxury and amazing joy.

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Unfortunately now the church has changed into a mosque and also replaced the nation’s motives by Turkey. Still of Constantinople, Forums Constantinous also made with a pattern that is not so much different from Haggai Sophia church. They are so magnificent with mosaic on the inside that somehow have an indelible artistic value even though they have no more in the present, but the church and the hall is still often in leverage and even so appreciated and remembered particularly among architecture.

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