Carefully hidden bunk beds free up space in the rest of the room

19 Custom Bunk Bed Designs with Built-in Storage Units and Cabinets


Custom Bunk Bed Designs with Built-in Storage Units and Cabinets – When it comes to space-savvy additions in the bedroom, bunk beds are a favorite among homeowners. This is ever truer in case of kids’ bedrooms where you often need to find ways in which you can create multiple environments within the same confines. Bunks beds come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and yes, you can always pick one up from the fancy furniture store near you. But we tend to favor the bespoke solutions route as it offers exactly what you need and does so without forcing you to overspend. Custom bunk beds are a great way to unleash your creative juices and fashion a space that your kids’ will absolutely love. The five unique and dashing bunk beds on display today will surely inspire you to go down the same path. Some come with built-in storage units and cabinets while others offer the charm of a whimsical playroom as well. The best part is that there is also something for adults as well!

Stylish triple Custom bunk bed Design Ideas

Modern Triple Bunk Bed

Creating a room for three people is always is always tricky, but the task becomes ever more challenging when you need to fit three kids into limited space. Everyone wants his own special ‘chunk’ of it and a triple bunk bed is the best way to work around a part of this problem. Created by Casa Kids, this cool bunk bed feels modern and elegant and its white exterior allows it to blend in with pretty much any style and backdrop. With three beds, storage units and cabinets, everything here looks picture-perfect. Wall of bunk beds with built-in storage fetaures and smart steps

Twin niches for the beds on either side offer sleeping space Bunk beds are not just for kids’ bedrooms alone as this smart alcove proves! Part of a smart modern townhouse designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, this alcove bunk bed design makes most of the small and forgotten corner. This leaves the rest of the room open and gives the homeowner an opportunity to create an inviting and relaxing setting.

Custom House-shaped bunk beds for the modern kids’ room

Bunk Bed with Personal Space

Bespoke bunk beds crafted using wood do much more than just provide multiple sleeping quarters. They can also act as pieces that delineate space within the small kids’ bedroom and give each child a sense of privacy. The design by MAKEcreative is unassuming, easy to replicate and something that still ensures the room remains airy and visually pleasing. Steps used as storabge spaces add to the charm of the bunk bed design

Staircase landing transformed into a lovely bedroom with bunk beds

Simple wooden ladder leads to the loft play area

Custom Bunk Bed for Small Bedrooms

In the tiny kids’ bedroom, the bunk bed is largely about functionality. Aesthetics take a back seat here and homeowners tend to be happy with a design that works at its most basic level. But the design from Another Studio combines efficiency with fun motifs and energizing design to offer the best of both worlds. Little windows with whimsical charm also add to the beauty of the overall, standalone unit. Room spliting bunk bed offers each kid a space of his own

Open shelves coupled with bunk beds to create a custom unit

Modern kids’ room with cool bunk beds

How To Find The Best Beds To Suit Your Needs

Today, custom made bunk beds are more popular than ever. Very simply, no matter what your personal preferences may be, you can find the right bunk beds to match them. Very simply, you can find these bunk beds in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and themes, and therefore finding the right custom bunk beds is really not that difficult. Whether you want your bed to resemble a sports team, cars, etc. you can find the right one for you. There are many companies that manufacture these custom bunk beds today, and will build them to meet your specific and meet your specifications. Therefore, finding the right company can be rather difficult task, as very simply not all bunk bed companies are created equal. Here some tips to help you to find out which custom-made bunk beds are the best for you. Alcove bunk beds are the perfect way to create a cool guest space

First of all, you want to be sure that the bunk bed you purchase meets your personal needs. Whether you want a sports theme or other, you want to make sure that the company will provide this for you. When shopping for the best bunk beds, you certainly should not purchase it in the first place that you go to. The best way to find the best one for you is to compare bunk beds, compare the prices, and overall quality, and simply shop around. This way, you become educated as to which bunk beds are the best quality and price, can therefore find the best one for you. Remember, custom made bunk beds are certainly not just about price; it’s about meeting your personal preferences. While you simply could purchase a regular boring bunk bed, a custom bunk bed is much better because it will help you to match your personality. However, safety is always the first consideration when finding the right bunk beds. Very simply, there can be some bunk beds that look great and have great style, but simply have been built with shoddy craftsmanship. Wen is the case come you should obviously keep looking. Beautiful bunk bed utilizes the corner to the fullest  

Bespoke kids bed design with twin beds and a playspace

For this, make sure that the bunk beds you purchase have guardrails on every side, and preferably made of wood. Wood is usually much stronger than metal, even though it can be more expensive. Before you purchase the bunk bed, both sit on and shaken vigorously to make sure that it is well built. Also make sure that the ladder is sturdy, and that your child can climb upon a safely. Of course, if you do plan on doing your purchase on the Internet and therefore can’t look at the bunk bed in person, read the consumer abuse to find out more about the custom made bunk beds you are considering purchasing. Very simply, you can find many reviews about whatever custom made bunk beds you are looking at simply by doing a quick Internet research. Hopefully these tips will help you to find the best bunk beds to fit your personal needs.

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