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Beautiful Modern Home Plans and Designs


Modern Home Plans and Designs – I am a big fan of cool things and one thing I love to see is some modern and luxury home designs, it makes me so jealous but it’s such a great inspiration at the same time. These houses are unique and very specially made so pay attention to the details and enjoy the view.

Folded planes define the roof and walls of the two story main house. Strategically placed windows frame views and perforate the building in a seemingly haphazard way. The pool house and guest wing offer restrained counterpoints in the form of modernist boxes mirroring each other at either end of open outdoor space.

Modern Home Designs

A true modern style home built from modern house plans has a flat or slightly slanted roof, and is typically composed of rectangular or square spaces. Sometimes hard to describe, but you always know one when you see one.

Modern floor plans were quite popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s, but for some they will never go out of style. The lines of a modern house are clean from the outside (we prefer the words “clean” and “rectilinear” to the word “boxy” when describing modern style homes). The word “contemporary” is often used as well, but most contemporary homes do not fit the definition of the modern style.

Real modern home plans can be difficult to find online. Modern home designs are not well suited to traditional neighborhoods, and even though you’ll see them outside of urban settings, they’re rarely seen in rural settings.

Common Characteristics of Modern House Designs:

  • Often composed of geometric shapes
  • Flat roofs, with or without a slight pitch
  • Ever changing, as architects reinterpret the style
  • Suited to today’s tech-savvy young adults
  • Clean lines with lots of windows

Modern Home Designs Modern Home Designs Modern Home DesignsModern Home Designs

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