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20 Decorative Wall Paint Combination Ideas


Wall Paint Combination - Delivering breezy and new atmosphere in the house will be simple by applying the interior wall paint combination. The interior wall paint that you should evoke in the house depends on several things. Your status affects the choices. If you are single, you can get the interior wall paint in striking and vibrant color. You are free to decorate the house as you want. On the other hand, if you are married person, you need to make sure that your spouse will like with the interior wall paint ideas that you will like to implement. The first thing to concern is the theme that you have in the house. For the people who love with retro style, you pick several colors for the wall like avocado color, teal, mustard yellow, burnt orange or even brick red. You can also apply pattern as your interior wall paint.


The stripes pattern will be great if you apply different color for each stripe. If you love with something blowy and sweet, you can apply polka dot pattern for the wall. There are several patterns that you can also pick as options. The geometric style with its unique hues can make the wall interior paint look retro. The people who love with something derived from the sea can pick the Mediterranean wall interior paint. There are some colors that you can have. Those are dusky blue, sea green, brick red and terra cotta color. What you have to do is so simple. You just have to apply the sea green color on the wall. Then you need to paint the trim and detail of the architectural elements by using terra cotta color.

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The oriental house also has distinctive interior wall paint. If you love with Chinese decoration in the house, you can dominate the interior wall paint by using red, black and gold. You can also accent the wall by applying some Chinese alphabets. The Japanese interior wall paint will love to decorate the house by using dark green, chocolate brown, black, white and light brown color. For example, you can paint the wall by using light brown. The accent for the door and window can be in black or chocolate brown.

The home owner who wants to look stylish and chic by implementing oriental Indian or Moroccan color may need to pick several striking colors. Some of them include red, blue, yellow, or even green. You need to make it look like an Arabian style. If you have decorated the wall with the paint that you like to evoke in the house, you need to begin the process. Before you implement the paint, make sure that you have cleaned the entire surface of the wall. When you think that the wall is clean and smooth, you can apply the first coat of paint. You need to wait until it gets dried. Then you can apply the second coat. If you think that the interior wall paint color does not look perfect, you can apply more coats on its surface.

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