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The Nature of Hacker Kitchens Ideas


The Nature of Hacker Kitchens - Among many furniture brands around the world, there is Hacker Kitchens who have been around for more than seventy years. It is one of the biggest kitchen manufacturers in the world. The brand itself is very famous. In many countries, people often refer to it as one of their choices in designing their kitchen. This kitchen furniture company is originally placed in German. They started business decades ago from a small size company. The Finkemeiers family, who owns the business, has done great job in developing the business from a local furniture maker to international seller.

Nowadays, people in several countries can find Hacker Kitchens easily. Hacker has many dealers out there, including in England, Austria, Egypt, and India. Customers can directly visit the dealer showroom to see the kitchen that Hacker sells. Even if people don’t have the time to go there, they can find the local Hacker website.

The Products of Hacker Kitchens

Basically, there are three lines that are offered by Hacker Kitchens. The most common two lines bought by people around the world are the Classic and the Systemat. Both are complete kitchen set, with overhead and floor cabinets. People can choose whether to buy the complete set along with the kitchen islands or not. The difference is located in the finishing of the furniture. The Classic has vinyl wrapped door which price is slightly cheaper than the Systemat.

Both are available in various color choices. There are bright colors uni, dark colors uni, dark wood, and bright wood options for both Classic and Systemat range. Of course, the quality is unquestionable anymore. Hacker is known as a brand of good quality kitchen which is durable enough through years. Of course, the price is competitive to compared to other kitchen set’s brands. Someone can directly compare it with others which have same quality and price level to prove that Hacker Kitchens is really good.

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