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Small Paris Apartment Design Ideas, Solutions For Tiny Rooms


Small Paris Apartment Design - Decorating a small apartment and finding the perfect floor plan that uses every inch of space is indeed a tricky affair. But French interior designer Tatiana Nicol got it absolutely spot on with this gorgeous, chic apartment in the heart of Paris that elegantly brings together form and functionality. Spread across just 50 square meters, the apartment beautifully combines elements of classic and modern design while keeping the ambiance bright and cheerful. White is the color that is used extensively in the creation of a plain, bright backdrop, ensuring there is no visual fragmentation of the already compact interior.

An open plan living area with a small corner kitchen and a nifty dining area make up the heart of this cozy, functional apartment. The decor is kept as minimal and unassuming as possible, and a large white sectional along with a carpet in a matching hue adorn the living space. A coffee table with acrylic legs and an Eames Molded Plastic Rocker in white complete this relaxed zone. The corner kitchen with simple closed cabinets and open floating shelves is filled with natural light, thanks to a large window in the corner. Adding a metallic glint and visual contrast to the area is a trio of copper pendants above the dining table that add sparkle to the neutral setting.

A large library wall leads towards the cozy bedroom that follows a similar color scheme, even as bright pops of blue, yellow and green are added using accent pillows, drapes and wall art. Wall shelves and a wardrobe make use of the vertical space on offer, and a small bathroom with a corner shower completes this exquisite, modern hub.

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Contemporary Interior Design Ideas For A Small Apartment

If you have recently moved into a small apartment, and would like to create a living space that is attractive, original, and interesting, it can be worth researching contemporary interior design ideas. Often described as being clean-lined, this modern style places an emphasis on function at the detriment of excessive ornamentation.

Though detractors claim that contemporary interior design approaches are too clinical or cold, this does not always have to be the case. A well thought out plan can create a home that offers a feeling of comfort and peace. If you hate the thought of clutter, the contemporary style may be right up your alley.

Most interior designers who specialize in contemporary styles have a tendency to use a lot of black and white in their work, but it is also possible to leverage neutral tones and accentuate features to create an attractive and welcoming ambiance. For instance, large and bold color blocks set against a neutral background can be used.

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In some ways, contemporary interior decor emphasizes the architectural structure of a property, focusing attention on to the shapes of windows, walls, and doors. Many interior designers who specialize in this style suggest that windows should not be adorned at all, but this can create an issue relating to privacy, especially if you have a ground floor apartment. If you are concerned about people gazing in through your windows, you should consider installing bamboo blinds, these can work well against the minimalist decor.

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Texture is an important element in this type of design style, if texture was not used in the right way, your apartment may feel boring and two dimensional. If there is an excessive amount of flat surfaces, well placed accessories, such as a jute rug or a smile vase, can offer visual relief. Wood, glass, and metal accessories work best in this type of setting.

Sleek and obvious lines are an essential component of this type of decor. When choosing furnishings, it is worth seeking out those products that are clean lined, do not go for designs that are curved as this is indicative of a more classical or traditional style.

Contemporary interior decor works best in modern homes such as apartments and lofts. In older buildings you should think long and hard about whether this style will work. The context is important, try and opt for a design that suits the architecture of your property.

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