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Small Home Designs Floor Plans - Choosing a small home designs floor plan is not rocket science. You simply need to determine what you want, what you need, and what is practical in a good plan for your family’s lifestyle. Combining all three of these ingredients can be a little tricky. Choosing a home designs floor plan can also be very exciting and this is where the “Gingerbread Glaze” factor can cloud your judgment if you are not careful.

Most small homes are built with at least some exposure to a vaulted ceiling. I suggest that before you decide on a plan design, go and tour some open houses to get a sense of the kind of space you feel comfortable with. Then your choices will become better defined. You will also want to consider how your floor plan fits on your building site. For this reason a small log cabin floor plan may be a better choice for you.

Yet another consideration is the climate where you live. Choosing the right floor plan for your region will have some reasonable effect on your maintenance costs, heating & cooling costs, as well as initial to a complicated floor plan design.

Many small home designs in the south have large porches for protection from the elements due to higher humidity. Small homes in the west follow more of the chalet style of construction. Wherever you live keep in mind how your design will effect the home’s optimum functionality.

You will also want to try to limit the amount of log corners your plan calls for. This is one of the most expensive features of any log home. Any more than corners, and you will face some noticeable extra costs in your building budget.

In any case choose a floor plan that is right for your family and your lifestyle. I’m all for prosperity and the right for anyone to achieve their dream of having the best money can buy but if you really don’t need it, or do not have the means to support that desire. If you error on the side of being frugal and practical When choosing the right floor plan, at the end of the day, you will be surprised how much more you will enjoy the log home lifestyle in years to come.

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