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Looking Simple And Cozy With Pottery Barn Living Room - Pottery Barn living room is always something for me. It tends to be simple but highly comfortable with relaxing furniture made from selected materials. Pottery Barn itself is a company in home furnishing specialty. The company is located in Manhattan and it also has many branches in some country. A living room with Pottery Barn ideas always makes me interested. I want to have a living like that so badly.

Pottery Barn living room that I found when I surfed in the internet is so simple. It has large windows with white frames. I can look what’s outside through the windows. The door is also has the same design with the windows. The sofa is place against the windows which is so comfy. The sofa is brown with amazing cabinet with simple carving in the back. I think that traditional touch makes the living room look even better a simple cabinet.

Pottery Barn living room I am describing right now has a round mirror above the cabinet. I can see those classic candle holders there on the cabinet. There is a wooden side table near the sofa. It is black with a single table lamp. There are small candles in small holders. I think they are so pretty and inspirational. The floor is made from a well-furnished wood material. It is so shiny and make a great contrast with the white color in the background.

Pottery Barn living room here is also featured with a wooden coffee table. The table is simple with a traditional design. There are some decorations on it. Some large candles with unique holders are just perfect. Simple yellow tulips posit in a glass vase are so wonderful to compliment the space. I also notice that there is a well-made fabric rug there. It is brown and just match the color scheme of the room.

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