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Living Room Area Rugs Design Ideas and Picture


Living Room Area Rugs Design Ideas and Picture - A living room is not yet complete without the additions of living room area rug. This is indeed a small partition but it has huge impact to the whole design. You can play with the motifs, colors, prints, and all aspects when your living space needs colorful touch. At the same time, this small stuff serve a fresh new look for the room. So, once you are about doing room makeover, you can lay down the new carpet under the main couch. And, the following living room rug decorating ideas might be a good starting point for you.

Living Room Area Rugs Picture

Go with bold and stunning rug is the first idea to go with. This point is one of the best solutions if your living room comes in plain shade. Choose for zebra motifs, vibrant reds, or cheerful flowers, and all the brave prints to give a splash to the living room. This shocking living room rug will be a focal point in the spot so that it draws more people attention. To balance up this, you can add soft colored sofas or bright painted wall.

Mix and match between the living room area rug design with the other aspects found in the space. Typically, a room has its main hue that becomes the key in taking the decors. You can mix and match between the hues of drapes, throw pillows, couch, ottomans with the color used by the rugs. For instance, you have a red colored living room with red sofas and similar art works. For this case, it is a great living room rug idea to put flower printed rugs coming with red colored too.

Last, make a layering look by stacking two different rugs at the same spot. This idea is a fun way as it serves multiple colors and prints too. Take about two different rugs and join them all together and connect these two living room area rug with the color brought by the sofas and other furniture pieces. It is a new trend for the living room decors, so be ready to be the first guy practicing this!

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