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Living in Atlantis Bridge Suite Designs At Bahamas Island


Living in Atlantis Bridge Suite Designs At Bahamas Island - Atlantis bridge suite designs is one of top hotels in the world. Besides that, Atlantis bridge suite has been the building that foremost luxury. If you want to sleep over in this hotel, you have to pay around $ 25.000/ night. This amount is comparable with what you will get from stay in this hotel.

The Atlantis bridge suite presents the panorama and has view to the complete resort moreover as the docking facility, because it is located on the high bridge that connects two buildings of the Royal Towers. The Atlantis bridge suite designs are the terrible design with the giant casino, so it is enclosed as the first target in the Bahamas Islands.

The Atlantis bridge suite designs offers several of enjoyment. Atlantis bridge suite available for 10 rooms that are decorated in the combination of red, black and gold colors, the square front room about 250 feet that provide double recreation centers and piano, the lighting fixture that are made from gold, a 22 carat gold lighting fixture for eating room, then bedrooms with extremely huge and spacious wardrobes.

For every major bedroom are served the sitting room, toilets, cabinets, and excellent-painted linens. These suite also make available swamps, there are two main swamp that are separated, especially for people who particular about their private space. The amazing bathroom with granite baths moreover the attractive relax chairs together with cute dolphin fixture.

Besides that, there are several of other luxuries. Atlantis bridge suite designs has conjointly the seven of full room and eternal workers. They can access your room through the non-public entrance to your suite. This Atlantis bridge suite is extremely large, because it has the high ceiling that throughout 12 feet and position in the bridge that extent across the twenty third floors of two the resort towers. It will be the fabulous experience for you if you ever feel them.

Many celebrities who are stay in this suite. The numeral of them is a singer, such as Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Celine Dion, and etc. So, if you would like to acquire the superb and luxurious experiences, this Atlantis bridge suite is admittedly the bright option for you to stay over in Bahamas Islands.

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