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25 Cool DIY Holiday Garland Decorating Ideas That are Easy to Craft


Holidays can be a great time full of fun and endless festivity. But if you are not ready for all the rush, then it can be overwhelming and stressful. Decorating your home for the Holiday Season often starts early; even before Thanksgiving comes around. Even if you have not already started preparing for the joyful times ahead, now is a great time to get the ball rolling. Your Thanksgiving duties are done; the mad rush of Black Friday shopping and even Cyber Monday is all but over. And a DIY Holiday Garland is the perfect way to begin Holiday decoration before you move on to bigger

Making DIY Mini Christmas Stocking Garland Ideas

Holiday Garlands are arguably one of the easiest seasonal crafts you can try out and they pack quite a punch when it comes to visual splendor. A lovely garland does all this even while being affordable and barely taking up any of your time during this busy period. With some of these DIY holiday garland ideas, you can even get the kids involved; allowing you to pass on some of that work! So, without further ado, here is a look at the 20 best DIY holiday garlands around that are (largely) easy to craft.

Festive Charm of Christmas

Yup, there are plenty of directions which you can take while crafting the lovely holiday garland. But our absolute favorite is the one which incorporates as much Christmas charm as possible! At the end of the day, nothing beats DIY garlands filled with sparkling Christmas ornaments, gorgeous, multicolored baubles or even cool reindeer motifs. The Mini Christmas Stocking Garland is one of those delightful classic that is bound to attract everyone’s attention and us still super-easy to create. Since you need to decorate the fireplace mantel with stockings, going down the garland route serves more purposes than one.

The Advent Stocking DIY Garland is something you can put up right away and definitely builds the crescendo as Christmas Eve comes closer while the versatile Christmas ornaments garland gives you more decorating freedom and sparkle. A felt Christmas tree garland feels far more artistic, elegant and still is vibrant and full of energy and the chic reindeer garland is something that kids will enjoy crafting as they get ready for the season’s festivities.

Sparkle, Twinkle and Dazzle!

What is the Holiday season with plenty of sparkle and a dash of magic in the air! Yes, string lighting plays a big part when it comes to giving your home that great Christmassy makeover. But glittering DIY garlands can accentuate this glow and spread it throughout the room. The Festive DIY metallic garland crafted by our own Kate is a great way to start and also brings home some of the most sought-after seasonal trends. Next on the list of must-dos is the glitter ball DIY garland – a fabulous and attractive creating that fits in pretty much everywhere and does so with plenty of pizzazz.

A beautiful and chic sparkling snowflake garland is perfect for those who love silvery charm while those who love a white Christmas will also appreciate the illuminated snowflake garland idea. As we alluded to earlier, pairing your homemade holiday garland with string lighting or giving it a metallic, modern upgrade is the surest way to usher in festive gleam even as you keep it classy.

A Colorful Expression

From glitter, we move on to color and you have a wide range of choices here as well. We will not talk about the Christmas ornament garlands that we already showcased above. They undoubtedly add plenty of color to a contemporary setting. Here, we flip through a few other artistic, yet festive alternatives that will get your guests talking. No matter which other DIY garland you wish to try out this Holiday Season, we strongly suggest you do not miss out on the French Macaron DIY Garland. It is a visual treat that will turn heads with an air of whimsical panache.

For crafters more adept at handling crochet, the DIY Pom Poms and Bows Crochet Garland must be easy to recreate while the dashing party garland we discovered on Design Love Fest should easily outlive your Christmas and New Year festivities. Finally, for some of us out here who are might not be too keen on spending a whole lot of time on crafting a stunning holiday garland, there is the stylish and super-easy shimmering garland made out of leftover ribbon, craft paper and crepe paper.

Freshness and Green

The two most popular colors as Christmas starts to knock on our doors are red and green. Take this love for green and translate it into a gorgeous, natural garland that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Whether you love beautiful pine garlands put together in a more contemporary fashion or classic festive garlands with loads of green that can bring Holiday cheer to kitchen, bedroom or even the home office, make sure you add a touch of elegance and dazzle to it all with a couple of baubles here and there! At the end of the day, ‘tis season to be jolly and a touch creative!

Small DIY touches around the home can bring the current season into your decor. Take a cue from the changing leaves and rich autumn hues when crafting your next project. Garlands are an easy way to spice up a space and incorporate elements of nature. Pine cones, leaves, and deep colors all work together to create gorgeous displays for your mantles and walls. Here are a few DIY garlands from around the web for inspiration.

Colorful Fall Inspirations

Elsie of A Beautiful Mess made this gorgeous fall garland to incorporate the colors of the turning leaves. Chunky golden yarn strung through each leaf gives this DIY a cozy touch, and multicolored felt makes it fun and quirky. For an easier time sewing, use embroidery floss instead of yarn.

Liz of Naptime Decorator created a nature-inspired garland that perfectly captures the beauty of fallen leaves. For easy assembly and a long-lasting display, use artificial foliage instead of the real deal- you won’t have to worry about your leaves wilting and crumbling away.

Thuy of The Flair Exchange incorporated typography in her fall decor when creating a garland. The copper tone of the letters are right at home with nature’s autumn color scheme. For a more festive DIY, alternate colors and feature a combination of orange, red, and yellow.

To create her one-of-a-kind garland, Cristina of Remodelando la Casa used the ultimate DIY technique: upcycling. A well-loved wreath received a second life in the form of a wooden leave garland. When upcycling old decor, little touches like a new coat of paint will have your project looking like new.

Bring the allure of fall’s colors with a floral garland fit for an autumn harvest. Afke of Afke’s Happy House transforms physalis blossoms into mini pumpkin-hued lanterns. String along a length of yarn, and you’ll have a great accent to dress up your home.

Rosa of Adore Prep decided to showcase personal memories when decorating her home for autumn. Glittery mini frames encase Instagramed moments of her life, while leaves punched out from fall-themed cardstock add an extra dose of color. Bring this garland into the winter by swapping out the gold and leaves for blue and snowflakes.

Instead of using leaves for a fall garland, Kristen of Ella Claire Inspired used pine cones for her decor DIY. Burlap and ribbon ties complete this sweet and charming project. For a rustic touch, use jute to hang and fray the edges of your ribbon and burlap.

Rae of Armommy took a multimedia approach when crafting her festive fall garland. Felt balls strung along two-tone twine are simple to execute, and large letters made from recycled books add a charming flair. Layer your garland in levels to maximize wall space and make a big visual impact.

Garlands are so simple to make, you could whip one up today! Whether you need a pop of color in a room or want to bring autumn into your home decor, this DIY is a must-have for the fall. Have you ever created a garland? Tell us about your project in a comment below.

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