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Decorative Wall Painting Techniques


Decorative Wall Painting Techniques - Wall color can really affect the look and feel of a room. Each individual color has a style that can brighten up a room, make a room feel bigger, or even add a sophisticated or modern look to a space. These three fun and decorative wall painting techniques will give your walls a beautiful and truly unique look. They use pattern and tonality to create dynamic surfaces that eye catching. Be sure to prepare your surfaces just as you would with any other painting project before your start.

The first decorative wall painting techniques is a tissue paper technique that creates the look of crinkled paper on your walls. You start by painting an area a little larger than the size of your tissue paper. Then you crinkle up your tissue paper and unfold it. Place it against the painted surface and smooth it out a bit with your fingers. Then paint over the tissue paper using horizontal strokes across the wall. You can smooth the tissue paper with your fingers even more as you go depending on how you want it to look. Continue this process over your entire wall making sure to slightly overlap the pieces of tissue paper.

Another cool painting style creates walls that look like parchment with lovely tonal variety. This wall painting techniques requires that you use two colors of paint that will be your top coat colors. The colors should complement each other because they will be overlapped to create tonality. You will need to mix one part of each of your chosen top coat colors with one part water. Keep them in separate containers. Do the same and mix each with one part glaze. Also set each of these mixtures in separate containers. Make sure that you have a cheesecloth so that you can spread the paint. Now all you have to do is paint a few short swipes of each mixture. Then you’ll spread them with a damp cheesecloth. Make sure that you spread them in asymmetrical movements. The mixtures and amoeba-like movement of your spreading is what creates the beautiful parchment look. It’s decorative wall painting techniques other’s.


The last wall painting techniques looks really breathtaking. It is a simply way to create a fabric pattern on your walls. You will need two paint brushes, a paint pad, and a bottle of water. This decorative wall painting techniques works best when you mix your top layer coat paint with one part glaze and two parts water. You start out by dampening your paint pad. You then dip the pad into your paint mixture and apply it to your walls. You need to apply it in long vertical strokes. Right after you apply it, take a dry paint brush and drag it with quite a bit of force down the same vertical strokes. You must dry it between strokes and switch to a new brush when your first brush gets too damp. Once you have done this to the entire area let it completely dry and then do the exact same thing over the first layer of paint but work horizontally. Doing this creates a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines that seem to have a sheer look resembling the material in a lovely window drape. You can use decorative wall paint combination ideas too.

yellow-and-white-bedroom-paint-combination lavender-and-white-wall-paint-colour-combination

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