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30 Gorgeous Photos Colors to Complement Yellow, Its Impact on Mood

30 Gorgeous Photos Colors to Complement Yellow, Its Impact on Mood - Radiance, sunshine and golden glint yellow is a color that represents hope, a new beginning and symbolizes all things auspicious in cultures across the globe. In the Oriental world, it was a color used on front doors to ward off evil and negative forces and in modern homes, it is a hue that ushers in freshness and rejuvenates even the dullest of interiors. We all love a hint of yellow in the room, but when one wishes to use it in a more extensive manner, which colors work with it the best? Colors that go with yellow range from trendy neutrals like gray to those as bright as red, orange and green. It depends largely on your taste, style of the room and its overall ambiance.

Today, we look at colors that are pleasing when paired with yellow. While a black and white backdrop coupled with yellow always looks great, we chose to ignore this as pretty much every color looks great in a black and white backdrop! You also have 30 awesome images to savor as you understand the various ways in which yellow can be used, its different shades and how they can be paired with red, blue, green and other popular colors. Enjoy the bright ride.

Complement Yellow and Blue Always Works

Blue is a color that never disappoints. Even with yellow, blue and its many shades look absolutely stunning when combined correctly. Blue and yellow combination also brings brightness to a room without going overboard. It feels modern and yet is a color combination that can be used in a wide range of decorating themes and styles. Both the colors bring the best out of each other and do so with plenty of panache!

Complement Yellow and Green makes a Splash

Green and yellow is another combination that is as appealing as blue and yellow and is inspired by nature. Much like those lovely yellow flowers on green branches, this energizing duo looks best when your room is lit with a flood of natural light. Dark shades of green generally combine best with different yellow hues and provide the right visual balance while anchoring the room.

Yellow, Orange and Reddish Hues

Like the sky at dawn and dusk each day, orange and reddish hues blending in with yellow bring warmth, energy and sense of fiery passion to the interior. This is a very different combination to the two color duos above and is can be easily overwhelming when done in the wrong manner. Perfect for styles like traditional, Mediterranean, Victorian and eclectic, red and yellow is a pair that never disappoints. Orange and yellow on the other hand feel much more modern and urbane in their visual appeal.

Hot Shades of Gray with Yellow

We have harped on endlessly about how trendy gray is as a neutral color and so we will spare you the lecture once again. But gray continues to replace white in homes across the globe at a fervent pace and even if you are not entirely removing white from the setting, adding a bit of gray to the yellow zest does give the space a more sophisticated and curated look. Dark and deep shades of gray can be combined with light yellow hues while dark yellow shades can be easily combined with light grays and those ever-popular bluish-gray colors.

Power of Pink

It does not sound like an obvious combination on the face of it, but pink and yellow combine delightfully well, especially in the girls’ bedroom and in shabby chic spaces with a contemporary touch. You can opt for mellow shades of yellow and hot pinks like fuchsia to create a fusion where pink visually dominates the setting. Since both these colors are often used in moderation, you might want to use a white room as your canvas for the experiment and start out small. Once you are comfortable with the duo, branching out is far easier.



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