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15 Inspired Black Kitchen Island Ideas and Designs You’ll Love

Black Kitchen Island Ideas and Designs - A kitchen island is not a new concept, since they were known back in the medieval days when knights were bold. They are assuming increasing popularity in today’s kitchens, particularly in larger homes where the kitchen is more than just a small cooking area compressed into an area somewhere between the dining room and the garden shed.

Even in smaller kitchens people are examining the possibilities that could arise by clearing away the traditional kitchen cabinets, and replacing them with kitchen islands that offer the same amount of walking space if not more. Here are some ideas for a kitchen island that is not plumbed in to serve a sink, but that offers a great deal of storage space and can effectively make your kitchen appear larger.

Functionality and ergonomics are indeed an essential part of the kitchen design. But every kitchen needs that ‘wow factor’ a little element that elevates its visual appeal. Different people prefer different ways to get this done. Some might turn to lighting while others could take the help of tiles and accent walls. But today, we look at homeowners who have used the kitchen island to usher in this ‘x-factor’ and have done so by going down a dark lane! A black kitchen island is what we are talking about and this fabulous addition promises to instantly alter the ambiance of your existing kitchen.

A dark kitchen island serves you well in more ways than one. With even small kitchens embracing the idea of a spacious central island, it is barely a surprise that colorful kitchen islands are now more common than ever before. But the black kitchen island is in a class of its own – ushering in a dark focal point that feels modern, stylish and exclusive. But how do you arrive at this choice and what other things do you need to consider before committing to a black kitchen island? Today’s guide along with the many inspirations will surely help you in making this choice.

Pick a Style

We start at the most obvious point and that is the style. We are not talking about the style of the kitchen alone but also that of the island, the visual appeal it needs to exude and its overall form. A black kitchen island is instantly noticeable and makes a much bigger impact on the style of the kitchen than once draped in wood or painted white. You should think about the size of this island (for functional reasons as well) where it needs to be placed and how the black finish will work with the overall picture of the space.

Contrast and Impact

Black as a color looks great in the kitchen for a wide variety of reasons. The most obvious one of them all is how modern kitchens are filled with neutral colors and pale hues, requiring a bold color among the mix to highlight and delineate different spaces. Black does this with ease. Be it in the modern-industrial style kitchen with a brick wall backdrop, a Scandinavian style kitchen draped in gray or just a contemporary kitchen in white – the black island blends in and stands out as well pretty much everywhere.

Anchoring the Space

The black kitchen island does much more than just highlight the specific area of the kitchen. In a kitchen with neutral colors and plenty of natural light, it anchors the space beautifully and does so without trying too hard. It also can weave different elements of the kitchen together and give an eclectic style kitchen a more curated look. You can fall back on its stoic presence during a style change or renovation and it can be the one central piece around which a new kitchen is built.

Cabinets and Lighting Fixtures

Speaking of ways in which the island in black can bring different kitchen elements together, this dashing addition can combine different black kitchen additions like the pendant lights above, the cabinets behind it and other black accessories spread across the room. In an industrial style space it can weave together different metallic elements and in the Scandinavian style kitchen, it can create a relaxing black and white color scheme with a sprinkling of color.

Colors that go with Black

There are plenty of colors that can be combined with the black kitchen island and can be done so with ease. Orange, gold and yellow bring in the wow factor while usual suspects like blue and white offer a more sober backdrop. Much like white and gray, black also fits in with a large range of styles and colors when used right. Just make sure though that you do not fill the room with too much black!

Functionality as Essential as Form

Do not ignore the functional aspect of the kitchen island as you focus on its color, the material and hue of the countertop and its other aesthetic aspects. Once again, we strongly suggest you take a look at the size of your kitchen and whether you actually need an island for it before thinking about its color and shape. The black kitchen island is a showstopper that can also be understated. Adaptable and easy to work with, it might be the one constant in your constantly changing kitchen.

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