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Beautiful Pink House Design for Vacation

Beautiful Pink Home Design for Vacation - On the post time I will show you all that the beautiful house, especially a lot of love by women because the color is pink house. This house was designed with inspiration from barbie house, and later on bring into actual designs.

You can see the pretty pink house can be also called hello kitty houses, and in front there is a cartoon character Hello Kitty. Pink house is located in Taiwan, and has a vivid pink color. Of course we all also know that the pink color is very dominant with her favorite color, even to the point that the day of love was identical with the color pink.

To look closely at the pictures in this post you all can see the interior design of this pink house, among others, almost all furniture-furniture that is in the house pink, to the bed. This pink house can you rent at a price, and you can use also for a vacation. I myself was very pleased to see the design house of pink or hello kitty this.

Would not hurt if you invite members of your family to vacation at home this pink while enjoying the atmosphere which is too pink, and spent the holidays in this house pink. Let alone soon we will face a holiday weekend, and it seems this would be a fitting moment for a vacation at home this pink.

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