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20 Beach Style Living Rooms Design Ideas


It is nice to have a cheerful, inviting and refreshing living space; even if it is dark, cold and gray outside. Add to this space an even layer of lighting along with all the available natural light, add a few beach-centric motifs and accessories and you have a lovely beach style living room. It is barely a surprise that beach style living rooms constantly top the trends chart in some shape or form every year. They are perpetually popular because of the design simplicity involved. Demanding no more than two of the easiest colors to work with  white and blue beach style living rooms are a decorating dream!

Of course, with every great beach style living room, you find something special, innovative and a touch different from the mundane. Today we look at spaces that combine the warmth of wood with white and blue to create the most beautiful beach style living rooms you will ever see. They are unassumingly elegant, rejuvenating and bring the effervescent beauty of ‘summer on the beach’ to your home. You will love the infusion of natural materials and lovely finishes here. But it will be their overwhelming beachy appeal that wins you over.

Blue, Wood and Beach Style

Combing wooden surfaces with white and blue can give you a wonderful beach style living room with an inviting aesthetic. Wood brings warmth and timeless appeal to the space while the white and blue in the room help usher in the beachy vibe. You can either choose to keep the wood as it is or paint it in white or off-white to ensure that the room is even more bright and cheerful. For those fretting about adding darker tones of wood to the living room on a more permanent basis, you can turn to décor additions like the coffee table, side table or even a lovely accent wall section.

Modern Beach Style Living Rooms

Giving the classic coastal living room or even the beach style living space a modern twist allows you to find a lovely balance between the trendy and timeless. It also gives the living room design flexibility and you can easily shift between styles and themes even while keeping the backdrop largely constant. A wooden accent wall and the white backdrop give you plenty of options in this regard while the light and dark blue accents can be easily shifted out to usher in a different hue and theme. Make sure though that you still have enough décor in wood, rattan or bamboo to give the room that distinct beach-inspired look.


Light and Balance Beach Style Living Rooms

Light is a key component of any beach style living room and even if you are short on natural light, compensate for it using accent and ambient lights. With an accent wooden wall in the room, accent lighting becomes even more important as you need to highlight both the textural contrast it offers and its unique presence. Décor in colors other than blue also work well in modern beach style rooms as long as they are not too bright and ungainly. Pops of orange are always welcome in this refreshing setting while pastel pinks and light coral colors feel perfectly at home too.

A Touch of Rustic Beauty

It is not just modernity that finds space in the beach style living. Even rustic accents, décor and finishes can be combined with beach style to create a living room that has a personality of its own. Wooden planks, exposed brick and cement walls, stone fireplaces and vintage décor; there are plenty of ways in which you can do this without committing to the style permanently. The result is a fascinating setting where past and present meet beachside brilliance!

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