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Amusing Apartment with Glass Applications on The Interior Design


Amusing Apartment with Glass Applications on The Interior Design - Once more we present a successful work of design that will move you. It is an apartment located in Moscow on the 23rd floor of a building. The interior design of the apartment uses many glass elements and offers spacious view over the city skyline. This glass element also makes rooms on the apartment looks connected almost like there is no wall separating them.

The living room apartement with large windows glass is bright with much natural light. The gray sofa with pillow is a comfortable place to sit and relax on the room while overlooking the city skyline through the windows glass.

Modern flat TV provides a digital entertainment for the inhabitant to accompany them during free time. Fire place is also placed to create warm atmosphere on the room. You can also enjoy drinking coffee or reading newspaper with brighter natural light on the rounded coffee table and chairs. Wooden floor in rich texture adds luxury look to the room design.

Glass wall on the back of the sofa separates the room from the bedroom on the other side. This makes the two rooms are connected almost without wall between them. A curtain with remote control system is applied to give privacy when the inhabitant feels need it.

The bedroom is tranquil with large bed in gray bedspread and soft pillow. Beautiful flower decorates the room to be more beautiful and lovely in the eyes. Lighting decoration on the ceiling illuminates the room elegantly and makes a perfect combination with the natural light from the windows glass. Maybe it is not wrong if we call the apartment to have an alluring interior design.

Modern kitchen with glossy furniture consisting of cabinet, storages, island, modern tools, and also barstools is really elegant for a cooking place on the apartment. You will have a new sensation of preparing meal for your beloved one. Black and yellow pendant lamp above the island makes a sporty light decoration for the kitchen.

The bathroom applies large mirror on the wall so the room looks larger. Glass shower place also gives relaxing facility for the inhabitant to spoil and cleaning their body. It is an awesome apartment interior decoration that will blow your guest to know it.

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